German for Blitzlearners

German for Blitzlearners

German as a Second Language - for Blitzlearners   

This course is perfect for learners with a decent prior knowledge about German and is aimed at academics, exchange students and people who want to start their apprenticeship in Germany.


We focus on quickly getting to the B1-grammar and building a decent vocabulary relevant to your apprenticeship and University context. Furthermore we can do the following add-on modules:

  • How to apply in German(y)
  • How to write a paper in German
  • How to present confidently in German


  • Regular and active participation
  • Doing one's homework (and some follow-up exercises for preparation)
  • You've already completed an A1 course or a lot of prior knowledge about German
  • Our Assessment Test for German grants you a A1/2-level


  • Every monday at 18-19.30h at ELI

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